Dividend Policy

On June 23, 2021, the Board of Directors of UNITED MEDICAL GROUP CY PR approved the policy on dividend payments, which establishes the principles of distribution of net profit among shareholders. The main provisions of the dividend policy include:

  • The recommendation regarding the amount of dividends for the financial year is adopted by the Board of Directors of the Group on the basis of the audited individual and consolidated financial statements and is submitted for approval by the General Meeting of Shareholders for the corresponding financial year.
  • Interim dividends, if declared, are declared and approved at the discretion of the Board. When considering interim dividends, the Board will take into account the interim performance results based on the interim consolidated financial information provided by the management of the Group (semi-annual accounts) and prospects of the Group, its planned and committed capital expenditures, financial flexibility requirements, the availability and cost of funds from external sources, and other relevant matters.
  • Only shareholders recorded as such in the register of members of the Company as of the record date are entitled to receive dividends on shares issued by the Company. The record date is the date of the declaration of dividends (i.e. the date of approval by the shareholders), unless otherwise determined by the Board.
  • Dividends shall be distributed not later than 30 days after the date on which Board or the General Meeting passes the relevant resolution. No shareholders shall enjoy the advantage of an early dividend payment

The policy is to recommend to shareholders a dividend up to 100% percent of the imputed consolidated net profit of the Group based on the Group consolidated financial statements for the past financial year prepared in accordance with the IFRS.

Dividend Policy (PDF 370KB)

Dividend History

Dividend period Outstanding shares Ex dividend date Dividends declared Dividend per share Start of payments
2021 interim 6 months 90 000 000 15.12.2021 38 421 000 € 0,4269 € 27.12.2021
2020 full year 90 000 000 27.09.2021 75 996 000 € 0,8444 € 30.09.2021
2018 full year 90 000 000 03.12.2018 66 600 000 $ 0,74 $ 06.12.2018
2018 interim 6 months 90 000 000 03.12.2018 1 789 540 $ 0,02 $ 06.12.2018