Since its inception in 1989, EMC has grown from operating a few facilities for expats living in Moscow to becoming a fully integrated provider of medical services. Below are a few key milestones in the history of EMC:

History of EMC
  • 1989

    Establishment of the Company.

  • 2008

    Igor Shilov acquired a 100% equity stake in EMC.

  • 2009

    A new hospital building opened on Orlovsky Pereulok in Moscow.

  • 2010

    EMC opened the Oncology and Haematology Clinic, which was one of the first private medical centres in Russia to obtain a licence for oncology treatment.

  • 2012

    EMC opened a new multidisciplinary hospital on Schepkina Street in Moscow, with a broad range of cancer treatment technologies.

    EMC opened Russia’s first private clinical laboratory for pathomorphology and cytology.

    Baring Vostok acquired a 27.8% equity stake in EMC.

  • 2013

    EMC Children’s Clinic opened on Trifonovskaya Street.

    EMC acquired a 50.15% stake in Senior Group, a Russian operator of elderly care homes.

  • 2014

    The Family Medical Centre opened on Bogdanova Street in the Solntsevo district of Moscow.

    New top management team joined EMC.

  • 2015

    EMC opened its Oncology Institute at the EMC Schepkina multidisciplinary centre, including a Radionuclide Diagnostics Unit with PET/CT and SPECT-CT scanners and the Cyclotron and Radiochemical Laboratory Complex for synthesising of radiopharmaceuticals.


    EMC opened Pravdi Maternity Centre in Moscow.

    Senior Group opened eldery care home at Malakhovka.

  • 2018

    EMC opened the Zhukovka Rehabilitation and Geriatric Centre.

  • 2020

    EMC launched Moscow International Oncology Centre on the basis of Hospital #63 and Oncology Centre in Kolomna.