EMC refutes the message about the conversion of depositary receipts

Nicosia, Cyprus, June 2, 2022. Yesterday, on June 1, 2022, JSC National Settlement Depository ("NSD") distributed a notice of voluntary corporate action to convert the depositary receipts of United Medical Group CY PLC (the "Company") with the identification number US91085A2033 into ordinary shares of the company with the identification number CY0109531513. Corporate action reference: 708263. The message states that NSD received information about the corporate action from a foreign depository.

The company refutes the information about the corporate action. Neither United Medical Group CY PLC nor the bank issuing depositary receipts - The Bank of New York, initiated any corporate actions to convert securities. We are investigating this situation and hope that soon NSD will be able to issue an appropriate notice of cancellation of the corporate action.